Origis Energy Announces Lowndes County Site to Supply Solar Contract with TVA


Golden Triangle, Mississippi – Johan Vanhee and other officials with Origis Energy announced today at the Golden Triangle Regional Airport that the company and the Tennessee Valley Authority have reached a contractual agreement that allows the company to move forward with their planned solar development in Lowndes County, Mississippi.


Attending the event were elected officials, the GTR LINK and a number of property owners with land holdings relevant to the project.


The agreement allows MS Solar 5, a division of Origis, to construct a solar facility that will generate and store 200 megawatts of electricity to be delivered to TVA as part of their renewable energy portfolio. This will require an estimated 650,000 solar panels to be placed on approximately 2,000 acres.


“These types of power investments aren’t just good for the tax base, they’re good opportunities for future recruitment,” said Joe Max Higgins, CEO of the Golden Triangle Development LINK. “Not only does the Golden Triangle offer TVA’s reliable, redundant power, we also offer new-to-the-world generation through renewable developments like this one.”


Due diligence and engineering studies will commence immediately to identify the parcels that will be occupied by this initial phase. An additional 150 megawatts phase is planned by the company, but not guaranteed.


The solar-plus-energy storage facility is anticipated to be fully functional in the Fall of 2022. Construction will begin in early 2021.


Recently, the Lowndes County Board of Supervisors passed a Resolution of Intent to grant a fee-in-lieu tax exemption to MS Solar 5, a division of solar energy company Origis Development, in exchange for a minimum investment of $200 million by the company. It is anticipated that the company will appear before the board in coming months to execute a formal Memorandum of Understanding.


To read more about TVA’s Solar Portfolio announcement, click the link below:


An information sheet provided by Origis can be viewed at the link below:




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