GTR LINK’s Darby Graduates from Community Development Institute


GTR LINK’s Darby Graduates from Community Development Institute

Golden Triangle, Mississippi – Mallory Darby, Director of Research and Development at the Golden Triangle Development LINK, graduated from the 30th annual Community Development Institute - Central (CDI) at the University of Central Arkansas on August 5, 2016.


Darby completed all three years of the institute’s program of study and is now qualified to sit for the Professional Community and Economic Developer exam.


As part of her tenure at the GTR LINK, Darby and other employees are required to pursue credentialing and continuing education each fiscal year.


CDI trains community leaders and economic development professionals on how to strengthen their local economies and build communities. This is achieved by developing the ability of participants to identify community assets, set goals, encourage collaboration and partnerships with stakeholders, and bring communities, organizations and businesses together to respond to a broad range of economic and quality of life issues.


The complete institute experience is a three year program, with one week of training per year. Participants move through the program curriculum in cohorts, and are exposed to a comprehensive, applied approach to the field of community and economic development.


About The GTR LINK

The Golden Triangle Development LINK is the regional economic development organization for Clay, Lowndes and Oktibbeha counties. Located in northeast Mississippi, the LINK’s current record of investment totals $5.4 billion and more than 5,800 jobs. For more information, visit

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