Columbus - Lowndes Continues Decade-Long Climb in POLICOM Economic Strength Rankings


For a decade, Columbus-Lowndes County has continued its climb up the POLICOM Economic Strength rankings. Ranking 24 out of 576, Columbus-Lowndes County rose a staggering 22 spots from its 2012 ranking of 46.

“Lowndes County has been a gold standard of a community supportive of economic development, and these numbers reflect that,” said Joe Higgins, chief executive officer of the Golden Triangle Development LINK. “As we continue to work regionally, we anticipate Clay and Oktibbeha counties to begin their ascent on the POLICOM rankings.”

POLICOM annually ranks the 366 Metropolitan Statistical Areas and 576 Micropolitan Statistical Areas in the United States for “economic strength,” to enable POLICOM to study the characteristics of strong and weak economies in the country.

“The Columbus-Lowndes County economy has shown significant improvement over the last several years , and has been very successful in creating quality jobs for the residence in the area,” commented William Fruth, president of POLICOM Corporation.

The study measures 23 different economic factors over a twenty-year period to create the rankings.

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