Megasite Properties

One-third of the megasites in TVA territory are in the Golden Triangle region.

Since 2005, the Golden Triangle Development LINK has submitted three properties for certification by TVA and McCallum-Sweeney. The invitation-only program allows communities to submit shovel-ready industrial sites for a rigorous review by McCallum-Sweeney site selectors and development experts. 

A process that on average takes two years to complete, the GTR LINK certified each of its megasites half that time. 

Now home to Steel Dynamics Incorporated, the Lowndes County Megasite was the first to be certified in 2006.  Immediately following that certification was the Crossroads Megasite that now houses PACCAR Engine Co. 

While the TVA-McCallum Sweeney program was put on hold, a new site was developed in Clay County. While not eligible for certification at the time, the same standards were used to develop the Prairie Belt Powersite. Less than one year after it hit the market, it became home to Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Mississippi in West Point, Mississippi. 

Most recently, the Infinity Megasite was unveiled as the region's third certified megasite. This site, with all the added benefits of surrounding infrastructure development and experience, is perhaps the most valuable megasite in the region's arsenal. 

Not all sites are created equal. Only the best are created in the Golden Triangle. 

Is your business GTR Megasite material? 





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  • The big decision for Airbus Helicopters, Inc., to come to Columbus was low tax base, the land was not expensive, you have a very talented pool of employees to pick from and the State of MS was very accommodating on us coming here. Several Industries have followed us and they’ve all been successful.

    Rob Boman

    Director/Site Manager, Airbus Helicopters, Columbus, Mississippi